Nagios plugin for reading the values and testing the status of switches, sensors, etc. from the Z-Way HomeAutomation system. The Virtual Device API is used for this purpose.

Unfortunately, not all devices are provided as virtual devices by the API. Currently, the plugin is only tested with CommandClass 49 – Multisensor.

In addition to the measured value or status, performance data is provided. Herewith a long term statistic can be easily realized with Nagios.

Instruction follows.


./ -u|--url <http://user:pass\@host:port> >
    [ -c|--critical <thresholds> ] [ -w|--warning <thresholds> ]
    [ -I|--ZWayInstance ]
    [ -N|--ZWayNode (default:0) ]
    [ -C|--ZWayCommandClass ]
    [ -S|--ZWayScale (default:1) ]
    [ -t|--timeout <timeout> ]
    [ --ignoressl ]
    [ -h|--help ]


File Version 0.1

Change Log

Version 1.0
– Initial version


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