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KeyManagerRSA manages the access to an Encryption Key by means of user-related X509 certificates (RSA encryption). There will be various plugins and procedures for using the encryption key in different applications. Currently implemented are several plugins for the password management KeePass (see “KeePass Plugins” in the menu).

KeePass Plugins

Currently, several plugins are available for the software Keepass, a tool for managing passwords. Common to these plugins is the use of X509 certificates to manage the keys or as keys to the password safe itself.

Home Automation

Various Nagios/Icinga plugins (monitoring, trends and historical data) are available here for automating your own home. A zwave.me module for WiFi sockets under the firmware TASMOTA can also be found.

… discontinued …

TimeTable (Typo3-Extension)

TimeTable is an older Typo3 extension for displaying a time table for course schedules, etc..

Currently this extension is no longer maintained.


Tool for maintaining the access permissions of the Apache web server. It manages the files .htpasswd, .htgroup and a .htaccess sample (requires PHP, administrator privileges for web servers).

This little helper, created in the early 90s, is no longer followed.