Key Manager RSA

… easily managing access to your encryption keys

The problem …

Again and again, several employees need to access the same encryption key. Therefore these key files are distributed in the organization and any control over the keys is lost.

The solution …

KeyManagerRSA manages the access to the encryption key by means of user-related X509 certificates (RSA encryption).

Hereby an AES key is generated, this is encrypted by a selectable X509 certificate with its RSA private key and stored in a XML file. A master X509 certificate should be used for this purpose.

Example of the contents of the file (simplified):

       <subject>User 1 </subject>
       <subject>User 1+n </subject>

Access to the key can now be managed via the application.
To allow a new user, only the public key of the user-related X509 certificate is required (export). The private key of the certificate therefore always remains with the user.
Users that are no longer required can simply be deleted.

For the use of the key in different applications there will be various PlugIns and procedures. Currently implemented are two plugins for the password management KeePass.


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In general :

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  • Commercial use requires permission (see above).
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File Version Size 0.4.4 beta 11 kb
KeyManagerRSA_0-4_setup.exe 0.4.4 beta 513 kb


Change Log

Version 0.4.4 beta
– Compiled and tested with Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2017
– Signed with our Codesigning Certificate

Version 0.3.1 beta
– Selection of the X509 keystore (MY / Trusted / Others)
– Display of the loaded keyfile
– Fixing of minor bugs

Version 0.2 beta
– Added file extension *.kmx when selecting for KeePass plugin

Version 0.1 alpha
– initial version