Infrastructure – independent and simple

We are specialized in consulting and services around IT infrastructure projects.

To avoid vendor or service provider locks, individual consulting and heterogeneous solutions using both open source solutions and projects as well as more complex solution approaches of the respective market leaders isz essential.

Our consulting for you ideally starts with the design of the environment or application. Here we pay special attention to the avoidance of dependencies on a provider and reduce the complexity to a minimum.

We are happy to support you in the realization of new solutions in your environment from the planning, ordering, introduction and implementation to the training of your employees. Be it in the preparation of the corresponding tender documents, the answering of vendor questions and the evaluation of the offers.

After the contract has been awarded, they assist in the implementation of the solution, manage the contractors and check the implementation for compliance with the ordered services.


We implement and design projects around their IT infrastructure from LAN or SAN to storage and compute to backup according to their specifications and the outcome of our consulting.

Our usual approach to maximize the flexibility of the environment is to use Composable Infrastructure and virtualization with VMware vSphere.

For the storage layer, we rely on enterprise storage systems, virtualized storage (e.g. VMware vSAN) or even distributed storage environments (Ceph).

To solve the common challenges of backing up data, we rely on high-performance computing solutions as backup targets and the backup application you trust.

Lifecycle and migration

Our small team has several years of experience in data center lifecycle and migration of data center components.

For the usual regularly occurring lifecycles, we plan the integration of new components and ensure a smooth transition between old and new.

The smooth migration of data between storage systems, in the SAN but also in the compute area is a major concern for us.

Even the impossible (unsupported) like the migration of Windows servers to different HArdware (SCSI controllers) does not pose any problems for us.